We are an international operating consultant firm, specialized in organizing and offering direct investments into large private equity companies.
Through our excellent network in the US and Europe, we are in the position to directly talk to the founders and decision makers of these companies to negotiate the best conditions for our investors.

We accompanying our private and institutional clients in Europe through the entire investment process; from organizing the shares, gathering the necessary information and negotiating the contracts to the finalization of the transactions.

We focus on companies with a minimum market capitalization of USD 1 billion, which successfully implemented their business models worldwide and which own the necessary unique characteristic to persist in their markets over the long term. We therefore concentrate on companies, which already nowadays influence our consumption pattern of tomorrow. A lot of these limited companies are close or in the event of an IPO, which result in an attractive risk/return profile with a tractable exit scenario for the investor.

Your entrepreneurial spirit, combined with our knowledge, embedded in a personal and trustful environment, will lead into opportunities beyond common stock markets.

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